When talking about civil aviation, we are discussing the part of aircraft dealing with civilian life.  The part that deals with the military is another category all together.  Though the basics of the two are the same, their goals are different.  The civil aviation department has to do with transporting both people and goods and with safety.  The military aspect of it is engaging in warfare and delivering supplies. A lot of these aircraft include weapons on board for combat as well.

the-international-civil-aviation-organization-icao-activities-1511Civil aviation includes both commercial and private aircraft.  There are laws in place that have to be followed in order for someone to become licensed and authorized to operate a civilian aircraft.  Those wishing to be licensed have to pass a background check and mental health evaluation then fly a certain amount of hours.  It is a bit harder these days to get into flight school since terrorists have trained in the US as pilots in the past.

Many times, those who have flown aircraft in the military will fly in the civilian sector after their military duty is over. They may have taken retirement from the military or just made the decision to not re-enlist.  Despite the reason, they are usually very likely to be very passionate about the different areas of aviation and want to continue in it past the military.

Of course it takes more than just pilots in order for civil aviation to be able to operate smoothly.  There are hundreds of arrivals and departures of airplanes at airports all around the world each and every day.  There are many people that are in place that help to make certain the planes are safe, that they operate as they should, are fueled, and that they take off and land in the correct locations.

Anyone interested in any of the different areas of civil aviation only need to look as far as their local technical school for programs offered.  This will help them to train and fulfill the requirements needed to enter the field of civil aviation.  They need to be aware, though, of the security that surrounds the field of study, thanks to the hijacking of the airplanes on 9/11 that were used to attack our country.