excited-woman-with-her-handmade-plane_1149-407Hello.  My name is Shirley Lee.  I am an airplane enthusiast.

My grandfather fought in World War I as a fighter pilot, coming home as a hero.  Since then, my family has had a love of all things airplanes. My father joined the Air Force at the age of 18, following in the steps of my grandfather.  Unfortunately, I was unable to join myself because of my poor eyesight.

Both my father and my grandfather took their love of airplanes into their hobbies.  My grandfather made wooden airplanes for all of the children in the neighborhood.  My father tried to take over the craft, but soon decided that flying RC planes was more his speed.  I am more of a history buff, so my interests revolve more around learning about the past and how airplanes played a role in it.

One of my goals in life is to pass down the love of airplanes to my children and their children, continuing the family’s interest in such a huge part of our family’s lives.  In order to do that, I started this site to write down some of the interesting aspects of airplanes in the past and today.  I will be writing about the history of airplanes in our nation and elsewhere, about building craft airplanes, and about Radio Control planes. I hope you follow along to grow in your knowledge as well!